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LR Figuactiv 28 Tage Body Mission Expert Program

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LR Figuactiv 28 Tage Body Mission Expert Program

Getting rid of kilos is usually easier said than done. Many weight loss concepts are complicated or hardly endure.
The Body Figuactiv mission is different! This simple programme takes you by the hand and leads you directly
to your desired weight.

The Body mission is based on 3 pillars:

A variety of meals: It's never boring! The varied selection of varieties and flavors motivate you to persevere.
These products deliver the all the essential nutrients.

Helpful Diet Companion: With this addition the way to the desired figure is even easier.
Supports you with valuable minerals, high quality protein and low-calorie liquid.

Great extras: We support you with detailed information and useful tips on diet everyday.
The Online Diet Manager motivates you every day and will assist you with recipes and success stories to help!

The "Expert Program" comes with the Figuactiv products for exactly 28 days.
You can choose your favorite flavor from the delicious shakes, soups, Vital and bars.

The helpful add-on products provide optimum support in the coming weeks:
the Figuactiv protein drink, Pro Balance, the Figuactiv Herbal Fasting tea and a free shaker

What are you waiting for? Start your personal mission Body!

All this is in the Figuactiv 28 days Body Mission "Expert Program":
Meals:5 x Figuactiv Shakes and Soups of your choice

Diet companion:
1 x Figuactiv Herbal Slim Tea

1 x Figuactiv Protein Drink

1 x ProBalance

1 x Shaker


1 x brochure

1 x personal code for online diet manager

Simply choose your flavour, start Body Mission and feel good! Choose your favorite from the wide Figuactiv segment and get started!

Replace two meals a day, each by one Figuactiv meal replacement product. A serving Figuactiv shake, soup, vital or bolt replaces a full meal. *

Between meals you support the diet Companion: The Figuactiv Herbal Slim Tea is suitable as a low-calorie liquid always in between, of ProBalance take 3 x 4 tablets daily and the Figuactiv protein drink best enjoyed between dinner and bedtime.

* Based on an average of three meals a day at an energy intake of 2000 kcal per day.

The Online Diet Manager

In each mission Body is an individual code. With it, you get access to the Online Diet Manager, a web portal that documents your progress and motivates you every day. The Online Diet Manager accompanies you on the way to your desired weight. He is always and everywhere, for example, on the smartphone for you! Track your weight history, your personalized eating plan together, discover healthy recipes and success stories, or share your own success!

Make losing weight fun!

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