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LR Lightning Eau de Parfum Essence of Amber

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LR Lightning Collection Eau de Parfum Amber
Essence of Amber

Invigorating fragrance with sparkling Swarovski® crystals
The rousing essence of tangerine, cherry, orange blossom and tonka bean
Fragrance: oriental, powdery, seductive
Fragrance character: lively, energetic
For inspiring moments boundless vitality
Inspired and presented by the enchanting Emma Heming-Willis
Content: 50 ml

Lightning Collection - Essence of Amber
Boundless energy meets seductive ease - Essence of Amber exudes inspiring zest for life and leads you into a world of warmth and energy. The Lightning Collection, presented by Emma Heming-Willis, contains three magical scents. Essence of Amber is one of strong-willed energy bundles.
Awaken your senses with sparkling bergamot, fruity tangerine and sweet cherry. At the heart, blossom orange blossom, rose and iris. The basis tonka bean, patchouli and vanilla as warm completion of fragrance creation.
Amber Swarovski® crystals symbolize the Bernstein. He is known as the life Freudenstein and represents the belief in the goodness.
Each Lightning Collection fragrance sparkle original crystals by Swarovski®. The exclusive "Crystals from Swarovski ®" seal certifies the authenticity of high quality crystals.
Presented the scents of Emma Heming-Willis, the charming wife of action star Bruce Willis.

(73.98 € per 100 ml)

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