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LR Lightning Eau de Parfum Essence of Rose

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LR Lightning Collection Eau de Parfum Rose
Essence of Rose

Romantic floral fragrance with sparkling Swarovski® crystals
The soulful essence of green notes, rose and musk
Fragrance: flowery, fruity, sensual
Fragrance character: romantic, beguiling
For romantic and beguiling moments in life
Inspired and presented by the enchanting Emma Heming-Willis
Content: 50 ml

Lightning Collection - Essence of Rose
Affection, love, warmth - the romantic, flowery scent of Essence of Rose recalls soulful moments full of emotion. The Lightning Collection, presented by Emma Heming-Willis, contains three magical scents. Essence of Rose is made for the romantic.
Green and fruity notes combine with a touch jasmine. Rose meets in the middle note of spicy and powdery notes. Sweet and oriental notes, together with musk of the completion of seductive scent composition.
Pink Swarovski® crystals inside the bottle stand for the gemstone rose quartz. In Greek and Roman mythology states the Rose quarz had been brought from the God of love to the earth to give people love.

(73.98 € per 100 ml)

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